Advantages of GFC

Strategic Position:

As China becomes the world's second largest economy and as large number of Chinese enterprises and skilled Chinese immigrate abroad, GFC is leading the investment platform for the international industrial ecosystem at a strategic position.

Business Model:

GFC uses the investment concept of industrial ecosystems and the business model of multinational integration of industrial factors, creating a new market that integrates global financial resource, overseas production resource, and the Chinese market resource, creating a new blue ocean market.

Competitive Strategy:

GFC's competitive strategy is the vertical integration strategy of subdividing market segments. Which is aimed to provide the clients with the Full Value Chain Service that combined with the Global Asset Allocation, Citizenship By Investment, International Venture Capital and World Free Trade.

Government Relationships:

Through implementing the strategy of state investment, GFC focuses on investments in Regions and Countries in North America, Caribbean, Dubai and China. National investment service agencies was established by collaboration with local governments. GFC has an unrivaled resource of local government relations.