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Greenfield Capital Group

World Leading Alternative Asset Management Firm

Real Estate Investment

Logistics Parks, Free Trade Zones (FTZ), Digital Park, Internet Data Centers (IDC), Edge Data Center (EDC)

Digital Technology Investment

Smart Hotel, Smart Home, Smart Network Attached Storage (NAS), Smart Edge Computing, Smart AI Tea, Smart Prefabricated Construction and Interior Decoration,

International Investment Services

USA, Canada, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Southern Pacific, South Eastern Asia, Greater China

Major Partners

China Amazon Logistics Park
Robert Zhang
Senior Partner
Caribbean Free Trade Zones
Vere Hill
Senior Partner
Digital Technology Park
Frank Zheng
Chief Partner

Major Member Companies

Greenfield Decoration

Greenfield Decoration is a technology company dedicated to Smart Prefabricated Construction and Interior Decoration Business

Greenfield Capital Group China

Greenfield Capital Group China

AI Tea

AI Tea is a leading solution provider of Smart Tea Robot

Caribbean Free Trade Zones

Caribbean Free Trade Zones

Greenfield IPO Dao

Greenfield IPO Dao

Greenfield Visa

Greenfield Visa is major immigration services provider for Caribbean, Mediterranean, Eourpean, American regions.

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